Choose a Monogram

petite_suite_monograms Engraving is the highest form of print technology known, it is painstaking, exacting work that makes each monogram a beautiful form.

Each monogram is made individually—not mass produced—created by a professional typographer without software or the use of a computer font. This takes time and the skills of a learned craftsperson.  You can request to see a digital proof of your monogram before it is engraved onto a copper plate.  Any alterations will be charged for and funds collected in advance, each additional digital proof is $50.00.

When placing the order, please specify the initials you want in your monogram?  (Unless otherwise requested, if you choose a 3-letter monogram—styles “A” through “H”—the initial for your LAST NAME will appear in the CENTER, the initial for your given name on the left and your middle initial, or maiden name, on the right.)

Your engraved copper plate can be used over and over again and is considered your property.   Please let us know if you would like it shipped with your order or archived here in our studio.

Place an order directly with us here.

Or, if you prefer to pay via credit card or Paypal, click here.

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And shop for our very special, totally unique hand engraved samples at the Petite Suite Store.

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For further reading about engraving and typography:

And visit out website,

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