Engravers Ink Colors







Caveat to colors: Color perception is subjective.  The above colors are an online approximation of the visual experience offered by our engraver’s ink.  This can not be replicated in any other form than engraving, therefore, following is the list of color matching information that—should you choose to take the time, and this we urge— will bring you closest to an idea of the ink color you choose.

On-screen Engraver’s Ink Color Matches to my MacB00k Pro, uncalibrated:

Green – PMS Green 2X

Blue – PMS Process Blue 2X

Red – PMS Rubine 2X and 485 2X

Purple – PMS 519 and 267

Orange – PMS 165

The above, on-screen colors were viewed  on: http://www.bluegrassltd.com/pms_color_chart.asp


From the PMS Uncoated Color Chip Book:

Green – PMS 348U

Blue – PMS 307U

Red – PMS 192U (there is no reasonable PMS equivalent to engraver’s red ink)

Purple – PMS 2755U

Orange – PMS 155U

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