1. All orders are taken through the mail.  Payment, in full, is required to commence each order.  Orders paid with a USPS money order will commence upon receipt.  Orders paid with check will commence once it has cleared.

2. To place an order directly,  email us with the following information:

  • Email to nscstationer@earthlink.net with the subject line, “Petite Suite Order”. Do not be surprised if Earthlink asks you to fill-in a form because we keep our spam blocker on high.
  • Your full name.
  • Your mailing address (this is where you want your order to go.)
  • Your phone number and the email where we can contact you for confirmation of your order.
  • Orders shipping to Louisiana require sales tax, please inquire via email or remit with your order.
  • The style monogram you choose.
  • The color ink you choose.
  • What initials do you want in your monogram?  (Unless otherwise requested, if you choose a 3-letter monogram—styles “A” through “H”—the initial for your LAST NAME will appear in the CENTER, the initial for your given name on the left and your middle initial, or maiden name, on the right.)
  • Your check for $297.50. This includes 50 monogrammed notes and blank envelopes plus shipping.
  • Your engraved copper plate can be used over and over again and is considered your property.  Please let also us know if you would prefer:
    • Your monogram plate shipped back to you with your order.
    • Or, archived here in our library.  (We suggest this option as these are easily lost.)

3. Once your email order has been received, we will contact you back via email with:

  • confirmation of the initials for your monogram.
  • confirmation of the order of the initials.
  • confirmation of the monogram style and ink color.
  • if we are to archive or send you the copper plate created for your unique monogram.
  • address for where to send your check or money order for $279.00 (includes shipping). Sorry, we’re a small company and our book keeper is old and persnickety and will only accept payment this way.

4. Each monogram is created with a digital drawing but it is not software nor a font, so every one is created by a professional typographer.  This takes time and the skills of a learned crafts person.  You can request to see a digital proof of your monogram before it is engraved onto a copper plate. Any alterations will be charged for and funds collected in advance, each additional digital proof is $50.00.

5. Your order will be completed once you have approved the information contained in the confirmation email.  Please review this information with care, once approved we can make no changes.  We accept no returns or exchanges and refunds are not possible.

6. Depending upon the season, orders usually take about six weeks, holiday times are busy so allow for longer  You will be emailed when your order has been shipped.

7. We appreciate feedback, please let us know what you think of this new product and service.

8. Due to the custom nature of Petite Suite, there are no refunds, exchanges returns. The above information is subject to change.

9. Feel free to email us directly with any inquiries nscstationer@earthlink.net, and visit our website, too!


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