Optional Tissue Linings


TISSUE LINING COLORS (add $37.50 to your order per 50 envelopes):

petite_suite_lining_colors “Popsicle Stick” Orange


“Oh That Pink” © 2009 Nancy Sharon Collins

Shocking Pink

Caveat to replicating tissue lining colors on-screen or through a published color matching system: The tissue we use for hand-lining our envelopes is thin so whatever is behind the lining shows through, this is part of its loveliness.  The above swatches and the indicated matches below are approximations of the translucent effective of the actual tissue.

Tissue Lining Colors (matched on-screen to my MacBook Pro, uncalibrated):

Gray –  PMS 427

Shocking Pink –  PMS Rhodamine Red

“Oh That Pink” © 2009 Nancy Sharon Collins –  PMS 190

“Popsicle Stick” Orange – PMS 163

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We welcome inquires of all sorts, please email, nscstationer@earthlink.net.  And visit out website, http://www.nancysharoncollinsstationer.com.


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