What is Engraving?

Engraving is a series of lines and or dotes cut into metal then inked and printed.  It is exacting, painstaking work that is performed using a 10X magnifying glass.  engraving

The apprentice time to become an accomplished engraver is about ten years but to become a master engraver is much longer.

Over the centuries, etching—in which acid is used to produce or enhance the “cut”—has become synonymous and is used in conjunction with engraving.  Today almost all engraving is etched, sometimes this is refined by an engraver with an engraving tool to clean-up lines and make curves and arches more gestural.

While the work of Nancy Sharon Collins, Stationer is primarily hand engraved, to achieve this attractive price, the Petite Suite monograms are primarily etched and then enhanced by engraving.

And now you can shop for some of our unique and very special samples, too.

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For more about engraving.

For more about typography and engraving.

For information about family crests, seals and heraldic devices.

For information about blind embossing versus engraving/thin strokes versus thick.


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